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Found out what my son has:(

Andrew has Bilateral Closed Lip Parietal Schizencephaly. The clefts in his brain don’t do a midline shift (THANK GOD!!!) Everything seems to be normal from the looks of the MRI, but we’ll find out for sure at his EEG the 25th. The bad part is, the clefts extend into the Ventricular System, his extends into the First and Second ‘lobes’ which is the largest and one of the most important parts of his brain.. But so far things seem to be okay, no seizures that we know of or strokes, but very slow at learning things.. He’s usually very happy and laughing all the time, but the past few days he hasn’t felt good. He also has a low ammune system and an infection from his severe excema on his leg and another two forming, 1 on his elbow and the 2nd on his right leg.. He has his first meeting with Early Steps this friday, if he qualifies he’ll be covered until he’s three then after that it wont be covered anymore. Things have been very difficult lately but thats okay, because at least we know now.


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